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Dress Up Capes... and the Super Powers that Come With It

by Lacy Pica Nugent |

It’s generally pretty easy to excite children and jumpstart their imaginations. You give them a playhouse and a couple of figurines, and all of a sudden, they are transported to another world. Hand over a set of magnet tiles and they are creating their favorite castle. Give them mommy or daddy’s shoes, and it’s off to “work” they go.

 A dress-up cape does the same thing. It might be hard for an adult to envision but to a child, putting on a cape instantly creates super powers. It’s a portal into a world where children can do anything, travel at lightning-speed fast, and soar on top of the world! A cape allows children the freedom to dress up and pretend to be a super hero, princess, prince, fairy, or simply stay themselves.

With fresh prints and an adorable star detail, the Baby Baazaar Dress-up Cape is soft and comfortable- like an added layer of clothing- and encourages creative, open-ended play.

Here are a few ideas to incorporate capes at home and school:

The Powers That Be

Capes are unlike any other dress-up piece- boys and girls like them equally and they do the same for all: they give children super powers. Besides playing dress up, you can also use a cape to teach your child that simple everyday behaviors can make them super heroes, like being kind, sharing, and having good manners.

Out of The Shell    

Is your child shy? Does he or she hide behind your leg or would rather stay with you than play with the other kids at the park? Give the gift of a cape and explain to your child that he or she can be whatever they want when they wear it. It might help put them at ease and relieve some of their anxiety and shyness. And pretty soon, they won’t want to take that cape off!   

A Teaching Tool

Children learn good manners, how to share, how to be nice, and many, many other things from positive reinforcement — especially in school. There is nothing better than being named a good example among your classmates, so teachers, use your Baby baazaar Dress-Up Cape as a way to reinforce great behavior at the end of the school week.

At lunch time on Friday, announce the student who can be a great role model for his/her peers. Let the child wear the “Class Cape” for an hour on Friday afternoon.