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Why Muslin Belongs In Every Nursery

by Kara Neff |

Muslin is a finely-woven fabric, but it’s also inherently breathable. What this means for baby is that it reduces their risk of overheating. And what that means for you: a reason to rest-assured that baby is resting safely. A fabric with such gentle qualities delivers not only peace of mind, but a feel-good approach to parenting. And what you’ll find with our selection of muslin products is that it doesn’t end at feeling good; our muslin collection just so happens to look good, too.


Layered Muslin Blanket in Bugs n' Bees Print

You love your little critter, so what better way to keep them safe and warm than with some little critters of their own? The Bugs n’ Bees layered muslin blanket is feathery, soft, and ultra-lightweight, as equally ready to be used in the nursery as on-the-go. Without adding bulk to diaper bags or travel bags, this soft muslin blanket is the answer to bedtime and go time alike.

Layered Muslin Blanket in Peacock Print

With a blue trim and featuring a playful peacock print, this 100% cotton blanket epitomizes nursery chic. Of all the ways we love our muslin blanket collection, we love its thoughtful design the most. Printed cotton is methodically placed between two layers of muslin to create a pattern that subtly shows through – yet knows exactly how to make an impact. 

Layered Muslin Blanket in Tiger Print

Muslin works its magic in many ways, but its versatility is not restricted to cover-ups and swaddles. Don’t let its lightweight composition fool you, as muslin truly goes the extra mile. As ready to mop up messes as it is to keep your baby comfortable, cozy, and warm, you’ll find endless reasons to keep this layered muslin blanket handy.